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ONCE at Mason Street Warehouse

With Julie Benko as Girl

Guy in Once has been at the very top of my all-time list of dream roles since the moment I saw the show on Broadway six years ago. This show is perfection in my mind. I will be forever grateful to Kurt Stamm (artistic director) for giving me the chance to devour this part. And what a company he put together! Any single member of this group would have been the strongest actor-musician I had ever met, and here was a room full of twelve of them! Every day I was both humbled and inspired by their multi-facetted talent, humor, generosity, and openness.

And then there's Julie Benko. If you don't know who she is, you will, trust me. An actor could spend his entire career hoping for a scene partner like her. She's 100% committed at every second. She's equal parts hilarious and heart-breaking. She really listens. Her singing voice is devastatingly gorgeous. And yeah, she plays piano like a dream. Living this show through each night with her as my partner was absolute magic.

I will never forget my experience in this production for as long as I live!