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Heath and Jake who?

Well, I figured it was about time for another New York appearance, and this'll be one to remember. In honor of the recent success of Brokeback Mountain, Wings Theatre on Christopher Street is reprising its hit musical Cowboys, a stylish musical send-up of those wondrous "singin' cowboy" films of the '40's. But Roy & Gene never had a posse quite like this one.

I'll be playing Ranger Rick Rowdy, the fearless Texas Ranger with a quick draw and a soft spot for a buckaroo in distress. You might want to buckle up for this one.

UPDATE 5/12/06: The New York Times has reviewed Cowboys! Check it out.

UPDATE 5/21/06: Cowboys is a genuine, bona-fide hit! Sales are on track to make this the most successful show in Wings Theatre's 20-year history. Also, the New York Times loves the picture of Ranger Rick with his horse, and it's been posted in their theatre slide show. Here's the link: Click Here.