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DROWSY CHAPERONE at Stages St. Louis

I'm spending the summer back at Stages St. Louis! I had such a great time doing A Little Night Music and Snoopy! here at Stages two summers ago, and I'm thrilled to be back again with this show. First of all, I love this theatre. Second, Drowsy is probably my absolute favorite new show from the last several Broadway seasons, so it's very exciting to be a part of the American Regional Premiere.

If you've ever sat in a dark theatre and thought "Dear Lord in heaven, please let this be good," this is the show for you. It's got something for everyone--as the lead character says: "Mishaps, mayhem, and a gay wedding." (Of course, back in the '20s, "gay" just meant fun, and that's exactly what this show is.) We've got an amazing cast, including Tari Kelly as Janet, David Schmittou as the Man in Chair, David Elder as the Groom, and Christianne Tisdale as the Chaperone herself. I'll be playing George the high-strung Best Man. If you like tap dancing, I think you'll enjoy Mr. Elder's and my 5-minute tap duet.

We begin previews next Friday, July 17th, open officially the following Wednesday the 22nd, and we'll run through August 16th. This is really going to be fun!