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Swingin' for Science

After a fantastic run of Nanette this summer, I'm back in the City and will be opening soon in Dr. Sex in the Peter Norton Space Off-Broadway. I'm so excited to be performing again in New York. I'll be undersudying the role of Wally as well as the two male ensemble tracks.

Dr. Sex is the cleanest show about sex in the history of musical comedy. Set in the 1930s and '40s in Bloomington, Indiana, Dr. Sex explores the loving relationship between Dr. Alfred Kinsey, his wife, Clara... and their handsome boyfriend (and lab assistant), Wally Matthews. When Professor Kinsey, tired of cataloguing American gall wasps, discovers his life's work in human sexual research, Bloomington becomes a hotbed of science and sex.

Be sure to catch this one. It's really a great time.

Update 9/14/05: My lovely and talented girlfriend Dana Winkle has now been added to the cast of Dr. Sex as the female understudy. I can't even say how happy I am that we're finally working together again after meeting on Chicago three years ago!